Prison Farm Protest

March 24 2018 / 2:00-4:00PM / Collins Bay Institution, Kingston.

Join the movement to oppose prison goat dairy or any form of animal agriculture as a rehabilitative model. Protect our prisons from violence and exploitation of ANY kind.

Signs will be provided but you're encouraged to create and bring your own. Everyone is welcome.

Correctional Services Canada plans to establish prison goat dairy, beginning with 400 goats whose milk will be sold to a Chinese infant formula factory.

In addition to inseminating goats, removing newborn kids and machine-milking their mothers, prisoners will be trained in slaughtering and butchering the goats and other animals from approximately 350 local farms.

This is profoundly inappropriate as a rehabilitative model.

Sanctuary is the only non-violent and non-exploitative option for human-animal therapy on Canada's prison farms.

Photo credit sanctuary goat: Joanne McArthur, We Animals

Prison Farms: Rehabilitation Through Sanctuary Not Slaughter

A message to the world (and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau) from Evolve Our Prison Farms. Involving prisoners in the exploitation and slaughter of animals in the name of rehabilitation is unacceptable. We can - and will - and must - do better.