Sample Letter of Support

The following letter, submitted by one of our supporters, is an example of how you can help promote the Evolve proposal. Shared with permission.

From: NM
Sent: March 21, 2017 9:09 AM
Subject: The Evolve proposal for plant-based prison farms enhanced by Sanctuary.

YES!  I absolutely support the Kingston-based coalition of citizens united by concerns about animal agriculture's profound ethical, ecological, and health costs.

This is exactly what we should be doing for prison rehabilitation, any rehabilitation, any farm.
This IS a unique opportunity to transition from animal agriculture to a more responsible model based on ethical and environmentally sustainable plant-based farming. 

And applied more widely, THIS is the way to ensure we reach our urgent climate change goals, create good innovative jobs, improve our health and produce good food, clean our waterways, lower farm operating costs and chemical soil pollution, spare billions of innocent beings the cruelty and injustices callously inflicted on them, reduce the level of violence in the world, help feed the poor, connect with our true values and soothe aching souls. 

We need to get on-board with this because THIS is the future that should have been all along.
The planet needs this, people need this, and god knows the animals need this.

I tip my hat to the Kingston coalition of citizens for this comprehensive and thoughtful project and I ask our Ministers to do the math and see how this farming model will serve us all.


Montreal, QC

''L'arme la plus violente sur terre est la fourchette de table.''  Mahatma Ghandi.

En modifiant simplement nos choix de consommation quotidiens, chacun de nous peut sauver des vies innocentes, et mettre fin à l'esclavage systématique et la cruauté insensée infligée aux milliards d'animaux non-humains exploités sans relâche pour satisfaire nos caprices et nos habitudes dissolus... .

'The most violent weapon on earth is the table fork.'' Mahatma Ghandi.

By simply modifying our daily consumer choices, every one of us has the power to save innocent lives, and put an end to the systematic enslavement and senseless cruelty inflicted on billions of nonhuman animals relentlessly exploited to satisfy our dissolute whims and habits... .