Prisoner Survey Analysis

Evolve Our Prison Farms has conducted an informal survey of prisoners at federal penitentiaries across Canada. In January and February 2018, a total of 143 prisoners returned feedback forms by lettermail, with overwhelming preference for sanctuary and/or plant-based agriculture.


"It would be nice to see a farm system based on Loving Kindness and not exploitation & slaughter. I personally could not be present in any area where animals are being killed. I have suffered a trauma so profound because of the offense I committed that just the thought of seeing any living thing die is unthinkable to me."  -  Inmate, Joyceville Institution (Kingston, ON)

"It was a delight to read that your enterprise is looking for alternatives to the standard models of agriculture, while creating an allegory for justice. As a vegetarian, I find your case not only compelling but forward thinking. Keep resilient."  -  Inmate, William Head Institution (Victoria, BC)

Detailed Analysis of Results: